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New Video: Valeria Lanner plays RICERCAR 5: PLENUM

Valeria Lanner (Jeremy Joseph's student at the MDW) recorded my RICERCAR 5: PLENUM.

Here is the video of her interpretation.

New Video: Lizard plays CON MOTO

Lizard is a young 15-strong ensemble made up mostly of alumni from the Anton Bruckner Private University.

Founded in 2020 by the composer Katharina Roth, Lizard sees itself explicitly as a Linz ensemble for contemporary music with the aim of presenting the diversity of contemporary music.

New recording: Severin & Stefan Neubauer play HOQUETUS (from A DUE)

Severin and Stefan Neubauer made a CD recording of my composition A DUE for Gramola.

Here is the last movement HOQUETUS in their interpretation.


CORSA for Concentus Musicus and Barocktage Melk (WP)

Under the banner “Grand Tour”, the International Baroque Days Melk Abbey 2023, invite you to a musical excursion through Europe. “While in 2020 we were only able to travel around the world to a limited extent, many paths have led us to our own homeland, but perhaps also to the interior. The Barocktage 2023, on the other hand, is now again gripping us with wanderlust,” says singer Michael Schade, artistic director of the International Baroque Festival. The Concentus Musicus Vienna under the baton of Stefan Gottfried will premiere my new work CORSA in the Abbey Church, which is about setting out, distancing oneself and arriving again.